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Strategic View Surveys is a Division of S4 MARKETERS, LLC. SVS is the representative of the National Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Compliance Network (NADA-ACN) offers business owners, commercial property owners and commercial property management companies a comprehensive ADA COMPLIANCE INSPECTION SURVEY to be completed at the business location for the purpose of determining if the business is in compliance with current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) laws. The original law was signed by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 and has seen amendments periodically. The INSPECTION SURVEY provides a complete, specific, REPORT to the business owners, commercial property owners and commercial property management companies that shows the areas that are complisnt, the areas that are in violstion of Federal Law, and most importantly provides our RECOMMENDATIONS as to how to become compliant the easiest and most cost-effective way.  It is estimated that over 95% of ALL businesses are currently in violation of Federal Law, which is fueling an ever increasing number of lawsuits for non-ADA compliance, where in Florida alone last year over 2,000 lawsuits were filed, more than double the year before. Accompanying this REPORT is a list of NADA-ACN CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS/VENDORS who are trained and certified to complete the work to meet the ADA mandates. SVS recommends contacting the appropriate expert to have them complete the work necessary for the business to be compliant, and once the work is done, SVS will send an Inspector back out to verify the work was done correctly and at no additional charge. Once that is determined, the Inspector issues an NADA-ACN CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE that can be placed in the window of the business to show the business has made the effort to become ADA compliant. The Certificate is valid for two (2) years. THE BUSINESS WILL ALSO BE LISTED ON THE NADAN-ACN NATIONSAL WEBSITE as an ADA compliant business so that disabled people from Florida, as well as those vacationing here, can find a suitable business to patronize where they do not have to worry about their ability to do so. The experts at SVS, located in Oldsmar, FL work with a variety of businesses and commercial property owners to ensure they are not in violation of the law and to reduce their legal exposure.


Here are some important facts about the ADA that affect your business: 

1)    It is estimated that 90% + Business Owners and Commercial Property Owners / Landlords are in violation of the ADA TITLE 3 Law.

2)    Last year in Florida, over 1,900 lawsuits were filed against Business Owners and Commercial Property Owners / Landlords who had not made the upgrades to their businesses to meet the ADA requirements.

3)    ZERO lawsuits went to court-as there is NO GRAY AREA in the law, so ALL lawsuits were settled out of court AND lost by the defendants.

4)    The average lawsuit cost the defendant apx. $10,000.00 (public record-Tampa area), PER PARTY.

5)    BOTH the Landlord AND Tenant are culpable and can be sued jointly, and settled separately, so in cases where both parties are involved the lawsuits were an average $20,000.00 TOTAL.

6)    The average cost to the Business Owners or Commercial Property Owners / Landlords to become ADA compliant is apx. $1,200.00.

7)    ALL work done on the property to become compliant is a TAX-write off, up to $15,000.00 per year. The INSPECTION SURVEY is also tax-deductable.


Okay Mr. Business Owner and Mr. Commercial Property Owner, let me ask you a question. Do you have all the business you can handle right now? Is YOUR economy robust?  If you are like most of the country, the answer is a big “NO!” Well, here’s some additional facts that you may want to consider that could potentially increase your sales by targeting a market that is 25% of the population of Florida. 

Here’s the FACTS:

1)    According to the USA 2000 Census, 22% of Floridians are disabled, or 3.2 million Floridians. It is estimated that when the USA 2010 Census is reviewed, that number will approach 25%, 4 million Floridians, or ONE IN FOUR!

2)    Nationally, the USA 2000 Census showed 51 million Americans of the 306 million population are disabled, or apx. 17%.

3)    MOST disabled individuals have more spendable income that non-disabled individuals.

4)    Disabled individuals rarely travel alone.

5)    Handicapped individuals frequent businesses who not only make it easy for them to do business there, but who are also welcoming to them.

6) AMMENDMENTS TO THE ADA LAW INCLUDE MANDATES FOR YOUR WEBSITE, TOO! You can be sued for this violation, too! 

So, wouldn’t it be good business to make handicapped individuals and their families welcome and your business accessible to them? Like 25% smarter business? And that doesn’t even include the TOURISM numbers for Florida! 

With 95% of businesses who are in violation of Federal Law, wouldn’t you have a competitive advantage if your business WAS compliant AND welcoming? And as a Landlord or Property Manager, wouldn’t it be a competitive advantage to you if you are renting your commercial property by being able to tell  and prove to your prospective tenants that your space IS ADA COMPLIANT? In fact, wouldn’t it be smart to MARKET to handicapped individuals once you ARE compliant?

There are so many more reasons to bring your building into legal compliance than NOT to, all of which are more important than the legal aspect.

It’s not just the law, it’s good business and good community.

For more information or to ORDER your INSPECTION SURVEY, which start at $250.00, call SVS TODAY at 888-237-6571 or click on the CONTACT section and complete the FORM and SVS will send you a brochure on the Program.



Want an edge over your competition? Want to be on a short list that is given to business owners AFTER they are told they NEED to have work performed? Want to have first right of renewal EVERY year? Curious now? Great!

Here’s the opportunity: National Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Network is starting its Inaugural Program to certify vendors to be able to work with business owners to ensure they are ADA COMPLIANT. As an NADA-ACN CERTIFIED VENDOR, you will be on a very short list that is given to the business owners AFTER they have had a complete Inspection Survey completed by an NADA-ACN Inspector and recommended by NADA-ACN to do the work. The work must be completed prior to the business owner being given their NADA-ACN CERTIFICATE that states they are compliant, and the sticker is placed in their window which is good for 2 years, after which they must be surveyed again.

A little history; In 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the ADA ACT, which set a definition and rules that must be adhered to by business owners. It is the law. However, the law had no “teeth”, meaning there were no mandatory inspections required by the government, no follow-through on the regulations, etc. The first few years there was a push to have businesses adhere to the law, but as time has passed, few businesses have heard of the law or worse, failed to implement the changes needed to become compliant. However, the attorneys have awakened, as have the handicapped communities. Last year, over 1,900 law suits were filed in Florida alone, more than double the year before. ZERO went to trial! Why? Because there is no grey area here. A business is either compliant or non-compliant! It is that simple. So, EVERY business, and in those cases where there is a landlord-tenant relationship, settled out of court. Here’s the facts: BOTH the landlord/property owner AND the tenant are liable. The average settlement, according to public records in Tampa last year, was apx. $10,000.00 per suit, which means if there were both a landlord and a tenant, they EACH settled for $10,000.00. So, let me ask you a question. How many business owners do you think would go out of business if they had to pay a $10,000.00 settlement? Quite a few, don’t you think? AND, just because they settle that one claim does NOT prevent them from being sued again-even for the SAME VIOLATION, IF they have not corrected it and made it compliant! Here’s where the NADA-ACN comes in. With the goal being to protect businesses and also educating them on what they are mandated to do, NADA-ACN’s desire is to prevent these lawsuits from occurring by doing a complete inspection survey, referring approved NADA-ACN certified vendors to do the work, and then issuing the NADA-ACN CERTIFICATION. Only in California is there a requirement to offer training for Inspectors-the other 49 states have no such programs. NADA-ACN will be the first of its kind and wants to offer you and your business the opportunity to join us and increase your business through referrals given by NADA-ACN. Here’s how it works:The investment in your business to complete the training through NADA-ACN is $1,200.00 for one person, which is good for one year. Additional persons can be added at a reduced rate. The Certification you receive is good for one year, and for one specific county. Additional counties may be added for an additional cost. There will be an average of only 5 (five) vendors per trade, per county, to ensure good amounts of referral business. This will be subject to review depending on demand, etc. You will receive the training, and then will be issued a Certification Award, framed, along with an electronic logo that can be placed on your website to show you are NADA-ACN certified. You will have first right of acceptance each subsequent year, provided you have maintained NADA-ACN standards and current payment. You will be offered first right of acquisition for you to be added to subsequent counties. The NADA-ACN PROGRAM will be rolled out nationally, but initially, Florida is our first state, and all our founders are from here. 

Here are the specific contractors / businesses this program is open to:  Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Sign companies, Architects, Flooring companies, Mirror companies, Power Lift (for pools) companies, Painters, Concrete/Tar companies, Masons, etc.  You MUST be licensed for the state of Florida and in good standing. NADA-ACN will always require the highest standards for our clients. 

For more information call 888-237-6571 or e-mail us at info@StrategicViewSurveys.com.

888-237-6571 M-F, 9:00AM – 6:00PM and ask to speak with a representative for the NADA-ACN CERTIFIED VENDOR PROGRAM, or visit our website at www.StrategicViewSurveys.com and click on the CONTACT US tab and complete it.