Take the first step towards becoming ADA TITLE 3 COMPLIANT TODAY!

By ordering your ADA Compliance Inspection Survey from Strategic View Surveys an NADA-ACN COMPLIANCE INSPECTOR will schedule a time to visit your business or property to conduct the ADA COMPLIANCE INSPECTION SURVEY. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation of the appointment with a photo of the assigned Inspector so you will recognize them when the arrive. After the Inspection Survey is completed, you will receive your WRITTEN REPORT within one week. The Report will include photos, state where you ARE compliant, where you are in violation of Federal Law, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY out Recommendations of what you need to do to become easily compliant and in the most cost-effective way. AFTER you have made the changes to your business or property, the Inspector will return to verify that you are now compliant and at that time place an NADA-ACN  SEAL OF COMPLIANCE on your window to show everyone that you are compliant. Additionally, your business will receive an electronic version of the Certificate that you can add to your marketing materials and your website. Your business will also be listed on the national NADA-ACN WEBSITE as an NADA-ACN COMPLIANT BUSINESS so that disabled Floridians and their families and other visitors can locate and patronize your business. Once Order your NADA – ACN INSPECTION SURVEY!